Winter Dragon

Director: Seda
Writen by: Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson (based on the "Wheel of Time" books), Darren Lemke (teleplay)
Cast: Max Ryan, Billy Zane, Candice Neill, Peta Johnson
Release: 2015

Synopsis: Lews Therin has fought a war against an evil power known as Shai'tan, using the magical One Power to battle the forces of evil. He has returned home and searches his beautiful house for his loved ones. A mysterious stranger appears and forces him to regain sanity. He informs Lews that in the battle against the Dark One, the One Power has been tainted and now drives all that use it insane. Lews is forced to remember that in his madness he killed his own family, and they lie dead before him. The stranger seems to know Lews, and wants to face him in a final battle. Lews declines however, stating that he must go join his family.